Ceiling Materials Buying Guide

The ceiling is one of the most important parts of a home. It is very common to see gypsum wallboard, which is joined with the help of nails. These joints are taped and finished using a drywall compound. Ceilings can also be made of any other materials. some of which we are going to discuss in the article. Visit this website to know more about ceiling- https://restyle.net.au

Types of ceilings

Before deciding on the type of ceiling, it is important to know about the types and what might be better suited for your home.

Suspended Ceiling

These ceilings are handing below the existing ceiling with wires that help them hang; they are made of panels and are easy to fix. This is one of the best ways to hide a ceiling which is damaged and also conceal electrical and plumbing pipes. There is a number of tiles you can choose from and decorate your home.

Materials for suspended ceiling

Real tin ceiling

The real tin ceiling is a recreation of the suspended tin ceiling from before. This tin ceiling provides an old charm effect, which is perfect for your living rooms. Also, they are many grids which can help you in matching the colors according to your choice.

Faux Tin ceiling

The faux tin ceiling is another type of ceiling where faux tin is used, which is made of vinyl for a cost-effective installation.

Faux wood ceiling

Faux wood is made of decorative thermoplastic which allows for an authentic wood ceiling look which is available to the owner infraction of the price of real wood.

Real wood ceiling

The real wood ceiling provides with the most traditional looking ceiling; they are available in oak, cherry and maple, cider, mocha, etc. You can decide if you want to have a smooth finish or no finish for giving the ceiling a rustic look.

Direct Apply ceiling

As the name suggests, these ceilings are directly applied to the ceiling panel. They are generally nailed, or glued-on dry walls which make the ceiling inaccessible after the work is done. These kinds of ceiling work better in kitchen dining rooms and bedrooms.

Materials for direct apply ceiling

Real tin ceiling

You can easily apply real tin ceiling on the ceiling itself with the help of glue or screws. They are available in made different finished and you can also mold them according to your wish.

Faux tin ceiling

These type of faux tin ceiling is directly applied to the ceiling with construction adhesive for the superior quality ceiling. This material is water and corrosion resistant and comes in various different sizes.

Real wood ceiling

These ceilings are custom made as they are adaptable to any shape or room. Real wood ceiling systems can be installed with the help of a clip to help the wood stuck to the actual ceiling.


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